Auralite 23 Mine 

THe official worldwide source and supplier of this rare canadian gemstone

How to book


* 10 person minimum applies to all booking options 
* 1 month notice needed to ensure accommodations 

1) You are a teacher/group leader/guide and would like to host your own group for a two-day retreat at the mine. If you wish to include your own portion of teaching to the retreat we encourage you to do so. Some examples would be: Geology, Gem and Mineral Groups, Crystal Communication, Spirit Communication,  Meditation, Yoga,, Energetic Healing, Spiritual Gatherings,Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Plant Foraging/ Forest Therapy/You name it! 

2) You and a group of friends or family members are looking to visit the mine. 

3) You are an individual or group under 10 people looking to visit the mine. We will be setting aside time for 2-day retreats giving individuals from all over the world the opportunity to come together as a group to experience a Mine Retreat. 

For each option you can expect the standard itinerary listed above with the option for additional experiences like Yoga, Reiki, Thai Massage, canoeing, etc.


$1000 per person (Canadian)

*everything included except airfare


2-night stay at The Valhalla hotel in Thunder Bay

Shuttle Service to and from the mine
Mine Tour and Exploration (refer to day itinerary)
Crystal Collecting (5 kg total to bring home - approx $500 value)
Healthy Vegetarian Lunch at the mine

Breakfast and Dinner at the hotel

Email for questions and to book! 

We are awakening, We are One.