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Auralite 23™ is a very versatile crystal, has a beautiful color story and a rich history. Auralite 23™ is being used in industrial uses such as; Crystal counter tops & tiles, sinks, glassware, jewelry, and countless others. 

Auralite 23™ can be sold as is, or crushed. 

The Team

"Auralite 23™ stimulates higher awareness and telepathic connection with one's guides and guardian spirits."

"Emerald Auralite™ has some unique and beneficial energetic qualities, blending and magnifying what prasiolite and Auralite 23™ have to offer."

Robert Simmons

​The Book of Stones



​Have some questions? Please contact us. We work closely with our customers and the general public to provide credible information about Auralite 23™  

Auralite23™MIne Canada is a family owned and operated mine established in 2003. We take pride in our commitment  protecting the environment by using limited machinery, mostly hand harvesting all crystals which enter the marketplace.    

What They Say about Auralite 23™ 

“Balancing all the Chakras, Auralite 23™ has a sedative effect on the mind, tilling it so that profound healing and conscious connection with higher dimensions occurs."


Judy Hall

​The Crystal Bible 3

Auralite 23 Mine 

THe official worldwide source and supplier of this rare canadian gemstone